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Nov 8, 2009 8:30am EST
getting sick this season. >> reporter: like most expectant moms, lisa is a frayed to take antibiotics. these drugs can be crucial during flu season. >> the most common type of bacterial infection that happens after the flu is what they call a secondary infection. the same kind of bacteria that would cause knew mona. >> reporter: a new study may ease fears for moms to be. researchers looked at 20,000 moms and pound that penicillin are not associated with most birth defects. doctors say the findings are important because not treating a secondary infection during pregnancy can put mother and child at risk. >> bacterial infections can also have an effect on the pregnancy and result in, for instance, preterm birth and low birth weight. >> reporter: this is linked sulfonides to birth defects. these are commonly used to treat urinary tract infections. >> after reading this i don't think i'll use them because we have other ones. >> reporter: weighing the pros and cons of any medication is tough for any pregnancy, but the more information women have the better. >> for a list of places where th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1